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What Are People Saying

Thanks everyone for your generous responses and emails. We love what we do and thanks for letting us share our products with you.You are awesome, Terry!

I have yet to find any other skincare products BETTER than yours! My husband has started using the scrubs and face cream too! It’s so cute to see this 59 yr old man “pampering” himself…and I must admit, he looks YOUNGER! Please keep making your incredible products!
– Janet, California

Thanks again!I have been using several of your products upon your recommendation for my acne. I have to tell you that my face is clearing up!! I’ve ordered several more products to try. I’ve been disappointed before with products I’ve tried but yours seem to be working. Time will tell but I’m excited! Thanks!
– Charlene

I am loving all of my products and I have to tell you the difference in my skin is amazing. It is becoming denser, more youthful, as opposed to thinning as skin tends to do with aging. Also the contour eye gel is doing the same thing around my eyes. The bags underneath my eyes are going away and my eyes look more lifted and brighter!! I cannot say enough good things about the products I have tried, thank you!!
– Michelle.

Thank you, thank you! I received the large order today and am in love with your products already. I have sprayed my face about 6 times already with the hydrating toner, just because it feels so heavenly and uplifts me. Maybe because I have been up since 2:00 a.m. this morning studying for a major test. I cannot wait until tonight to wash my face and put on the heavenly renew cream, and then to try the daily moisture whip tomorrow!! I have seen my facial skin change with just using organic skin care for one month with products that are in no way the quality of yours.

Hi Ted and Terry!
I just have to say that I love your products! You were right about the bar soap. It cleared up my skin and has such a luxurious lather I can’t put it down! And i love the scent, which is soft and earthy! And, the daily moisture whip face cream is not greasy at all. I have always wanted to wear an SPF but have never found one that I could wear because most of them are thick, greasy, and make me break out. I love your products! I am doing the face scrub 2x a week and the pumpkin mask 1x a week right now. Thanks for always being so helpful and informative! You are a skincare guru!
Sandra B.

Hi Terry,
I have ordered some of your products in the past and absolutely love them. I recently purchased your “Daily Moisturizer” and I am in love with this product! It gives my face a beautiful glow and it looks so healthy! I tried many different moisturizers and this is yet the best product for my skin. It helps with my acne also, since I have acne prone skin. Please do not ever stop making this great product!!

With your products I’ve been able to keep my dermatitis at bay without using any pharmaceuticals. I’ve searched for a long time to find a system and daily process to accomplish this, and I attribute my success directly to the products I use from you and their purity and origins.

Had to let all know who have not tried the carrot soap to give it a try. It is sooooo good I ordered it and forgot I had it, brought it out about a week and a half ago, this soap is great. I had redness and some skin issues, breakouts. Since I have been using it I have not had a break out and the redness is gone, just thought I would let everyone know about how good this is. I use it all over just not on my face and am really happy with it…many thanks again for such a good product!

Terry, I had to tell you.. i have use MANY cleansers through the years, but the green tea cleanser is awesome.
Many Thanks ..

Hi Ted,
Just wanted to let you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS! I have only being using them for a couple of days and I can truly see and feel the difference in my combination skin( normal/oily/dry).
Keep up the great work in making them for all of us !
Thanks again,
Cari, Santa Rosa, CA

I opened the body butter and thought this is not me, then I put it on and I have not taken my hands away from my face. I can not keep from smelling this. My husband even loves it (we may have a problem with who gets it first). It so awesome of a fragrance, never again will i just judge something from the first smell. I think i am going to go take a shower so so i can put it on lol. And i just took one. I am in heaven !!! I am no spring chicken but this really rocks. Well better get off am rambling but just had to let you know how I LOVE this body butter it IS my favorite i may buy others but this one for sure is number ONE!!!! How you ever came up with this is really great. Just thought i would let you know will be ordering in a couple weeks, i just can not get enough.. take care…i now have my nose in the jar again lol

Hi Terry,
I just had to let you know (one more time) how much I LOVE your products! Since using the ultimate firming cream for a little over a month, I have noticed the fine lines on my forehead have practically disappeared! My skin not only feels great, it looks great. I recently ordered the exfoliating face scrub and the pumpkin enzyme masque. Both are AWESOME and my skin feels fresh, clean and so soft. I actually look forward to morning and evening when I wash my face and apply your products. Thank you SO MUCH for creating and sharing your incredible organic skin care line with those of us who are looking for healthy alternatives!

Hi Ted, I got my order today and it was like Christmas all over again! I am so excited to try everything! The daily moisture whip feels like silk and I know my face is going to just drink it up. The clarifying toner smells wonderful and refreshing. I’ve already put the contour eye gel in the fridge (as suggested by someone). Tonight before bed, I’ll use the toner, eye and face cream and feel beautiful! I also have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the lipstick and thank you soooo much for the lip liner you also included. They are both perfect colors!! The additional added surprise (the green tea body butter) is incredible as well. I am so thrilled that I have discovered your company and products! Don’t be surprised if I end up ordering everything you have. I actually ordered the cinnamon/spice soap for my husband because he likes using natural products too and he said it smells wonderful! Thank you so much for what you do. I don’t think I’ll ever buy skin care products from a huge commercial company again! I just love how natural and simple all your products are (I even love the packaging!) and I can tell they are all made with a lot of love. I look forward to purchasing more of your products! Thanks again!
Healthy blessings!
C.P., California

I have been using your products for about 2 years. I am in love with your pumpkin peel. And your clarifying cleanser is an answer to prayer for my dry sensitive skin. A little of your product goes a long way. I am in love!

I want to let you know how truly wonderful, pure, & effective your products have been for me! I have been going all natural & organic in my skin & hair care products for a few years now, & I have spent (or wasted!)so much time & money “researching” new natural products. After trying a lot of them, I am now going back to MoonEssence products, as my skin & face just don’t have the clarity & glow they had a few years ago when I used your stuff regularly!
Thanks for making such great products!
F.L., Massachusetts

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! That is definitely one of the many reasons I love your company, personalized customer service! So far I am loving your products! The hydrating toner is amazing! And the green mask, what an unbelievable treat! I am going to stick with it for sure. I figured my skin would react when the chemicals where gone, but just thought I’d ask you just to make sure that is what’s happening. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do. It is a God send that I stumbled across your site. Have a beautiful day

I have been using your products exclusively since April and have been loving them and truly enjoying taking care of my skin. My skin tone has evened out a bit ; the red splotches seem less prominent. My skin feels so much softer and my husband has even commented on how great my skin looks these days. The bumps on my arms have smoothed out a bit w/ the loofah/oil treatment… and I will keep at it. All in all, I too am in love w/ your products and want more. I have spread the word to my girlfriends about you. – Sarah

I’ve used the renewal cream, a few different bath bars and love the result of everything purchased! I haven’t ordered in quite sometime but look forward to ordering soon. The last a long time (much longer than others like Dove or Ivory), and I’ve given them away as gifts. I came across your website over a year ago doing a search for organic goods. I have a friend who peeked my interest in organic things. I live in Central Texas, am an elementary teacher, and your products make me feel pampered and like I’m enjoying a bit of the good life! Thanks for your effort and energy into the business.

Hi Terry!
Just wanted to tell you that after placing 3 orders one after the other at the end of last year, I am one happy customer. I have tried many so-called “natural” products (even going so far as ordering from New Zealand!) over the course of the last 10 years or so, and yours are the hands-down winners. The bar soaps are amazing. The body butters are scrumptious. The hand and body moisturizer is glorious. The contour eye gel is lovely. For those of us who want (or require, for medical reasons) truly natural skin-care products, well, yours are It. They are obviously made with great knowledge, care, and love.

Hi Terry
I am very fortunate to live in an country-like area where I can walk to locally-owned business for most of my shopping needs and develop relationships with these store owners that truly enrich my life and sense of community. You & your company are such a rewarding discovery- The fact that you make this such a personal experience for your customers is priceless. 🙂

Ted, Just placed another order for your products. My skin looks fantastic after 3 months of using your skin care. Pores are smaller, general skin tone is more even, and my skin is really soft. The body butter Intensive cream is the best cream I have ever used. It firms my skin as well as softens wrinkles. Thank you for sending me the sample of body butter- I probably would not tried it otherwise, because I would have thought it was too heavy for my skin. That is not the case, it is perfect, goes right into the skin and does not feel heavy.
Mary-San Diego.

I think your product line is amazing. My skin has never looked so flawless and smooth.
Thank you so much,
Lisa A.

I do have to say that I am loving the many facial products that I have been using these past 3 months! My skin has never looked so great. My sister (who I only see a couple times a year) commented recently that I have great skin tone. The vitamin C serum that I have been using for my eyes has done wonders- my eyes no longer look bruised! Now that the days are getting cooler the serum is perfect for the day and I put the cream on at night. Thank you! So exciting to see how my coloring has evened out, my bumps have disappeared and everything is so smooth!

Hello Terry,
Hope all is well. I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you know that I love your products so far. I’ve been looking and searching for something that would work well for me. I can’t even tell you how much money I have spent on products that tend to irritate my skin. I actually stumbled on your products just by searching the internet. I tried the body butter moisturizer and so far so good. Love it!, also I purchased the foaming hand soap, green tea cleanser, and the daily moisture whip. I love these items as well. You gave me a sample of the exfoliating scrub and I fell in Love with this item as well. Just received that order in the mail yesterday. I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am. I appreciate your response, and again thanks for making a line that helps those that seek out natural products not only to stay green but as we are health conscious as well.
Fairfax, CA

I just wanted to let you know that your skincare products have worked a miracle on my skin. I used to have overly sensitive skin, which included eczema, and after using your products for only a couple of weeks, my skin is now in absolutely perfect condition. I didn’t realize that I was putting so much trash on my skin when I was using regular skincare products, but I’ve learned my lesson and will never go back.
You have a fan for life.
-Santa Rosa, CA

I just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipping on my sample order and how much I have enjoyed using the products. I have extremely oily skin with acne and rosacea, all of my drug store products for oily skin would almost dry out my skin, and anything that had the slightest bit of oil in it would make me break out. I cannot describe how much softer my skin feels and how the tiny wrinkles on my forehead have started to diminish after only one week of using your products, and absolutely no breakouts! Even my Rudolph red nose has begun to turn a few shades lighter. Also a fairly recent acne scar that I was sure was going to turn into a huge crater has softened and taken on a more level/flat appearance. My mother has noticed the difference in my skin and is thinking of trying some of your products too. Thanks again.

I just have to let you know that I’m completely, hopelessly in love with your products. I can’t think of ANY other company that I’ve said that to!!! Promise!! Washing my face and putting on the serums, etc. have become favorite parts of my day — I actually look forward to taking care of my skin every night before I go to bed because everything feels so nice and smells so wonderful. Well, now that I think about it, I’ll admit the itch oil doesn’t smell as wonderful as most of your other products, but I still love it. 🙂 I also gave one of your soaps to a client as a thank you gift and she wrote back tonight and told me she loved it. Yaaay!

Pat., Colorado

Thanks Terry! I’m definitely only using your products right now. After about two weeks of yucky, bumpy skin it has cleared up. My skin feels really good right now…your products definitely don’t irritate my skin. It feels very fresh and clean and healthy (and of course chemical free).
Thanks again,
Amy, Petaluma

Terry and Ted
I wanted to let you know that I love the contour eye gel. I use it at night, before going to bed and decided to experiment last night.
I am very prone to puffiness and dark circles, especially in the mornings. I put the eye gel in the fridge and put it on before going to bed last night. Wow! As soon as I put it on, it felt wonderful, and this morning, the darkness was less apparent than ever. I suggest that you give this a try.
– Edna.

Oh wow! Exfoliating Scrub is absolutely amazing! I have a lot of allergies but I am not allergic to this, and it smells wonderful. It really does brighten your face,I also noticed it completely got rid of my pimples!!! I love your products so far and will be back again!!
– Anne.

Dear Terry,
I wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with your products! My skin just soaks up all that “organic goodness”. And I couldn’t believe your shipment came so quickly! Thank you so much!
T.G., Chicago

Dear Terry-
Thanks so much for your reply; it is a rare and beautiful thing to find a company where you are given such personal service! Thanks again for your help and for your products; I am so happy to have found products that work beautifully & that I trust to be healthy for my skin and the planet.

Dear Terry,
Just want you to know that all your products worked great! The story with my skin is that it was badly burned by a laser treatment. They perform a laser treatment on my skin with my makeup and some skincare products on, and some ingredients reacted with the laser and caused my face to be swollen, inflamed and a rash, I couldn’t use any skincare products for a while, but now with your products my face has improved a great deal!
Colleen, California

Hi Terry:
I wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! The moment I put them on my face I knew there was a difference as to other products in comparison. I am so looking forward to stocking up and getting more acquainted with each of your products.
Thanks for your great line of skin care!!!
Michelle., Mass.

I will confess that I tried some soaps from a different family business that makes home-made natural soaps similar to yours… For whatever reason, the soaps dried my skin…I would get out of the shower and my skin would itch….I had to use a lot of lotion and moisturizer.. I am again purchasing your soaps and will stay a loyal customer from now on…Using your soaps I went from having extremely dry, itchy skin with white patches to not even needing any lotion or moisturizer except during times of the extremely dry, cold. I have enjoyed all your products that I have purchased and used. -Patty

It’s the little special touches your company does from answering my questions to your beautiful packaging and attention to detail that makes your company stand out among the rest. Not only that — but you have amazing products that actually work!!! I’m so lucky to have found you after accidentally stumbling on your store
– Katherine M., Petaluma, CA