5 Ways to Use CBD For Summer Skincare

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October 5, 2019
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5 Ways to Use CBD For Summer Skincare

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Guest Article by Eliza Brooks

That said, as we take off more clothes during the summer, we take on more responsible skincare routines. There are many ways to prevent skin problems due to the hot summer months, and one of them is quite unlikely — CBD. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Come summer, it is always expected that our skin takes a heavy beating, whether it is from multiple insect bites or the sweltering tropical heat. It’s important to remember to pay close attention to our skincare routine during summer when it’s most vulnerable.

CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help soothe sunburn, insect bites, and other skin conditions that are common in the summer months.

Acne breakout, especially, is a common skin issue that many people suffer from during the heat of summer. The high temperature also increases our body temperature, and we tend to sweat more. If any of the sweat glands are clogged, it could lead to breakouts.

CBD is more than just what people call a “chill pill.” CBD is also an effective antioxidant. How does this affect your skin during the summer months? Well, an antioxidant is another layer of protection for your skin. CBD, being the effective antioxidant that it is, flushes out toxins from the body that could potentially harm the cells.

Free radicals are the byproduct of cellular processes. Normally, they are removed from the body, but a few stick around. When too much of free radicals accumulate, it can wreak havoc on the body and its many organs. If you hate getting wrinkles, well, that’s a result of free radicals. So using a topical CBD can do wonders for your skin.

  1. Hydration

Everyone keeps saying over and over again if you want healthy skin, you have to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Well, CBD is perfect for that. Among other vitamins and minerals, CBD contains vitamin E, a natural emollient that helps to moisturize the skin, especially during the summer months.

CBD can turn any dry and crackling skin into one that is smooth and soft to the touch. And it will keep it glowing even when the summer months are far behind.

  1. Pain relief

Besides being an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, CBD is also great for soothing pain. We all know that sunburn is common during the summer season, especially for those people who refuse to put on sun protection.

Above all, the best solution to preventing sunburn is to use sun protection creams like sunscreen. However, if you still end up getting one, CBD is going to be your friend. The active compounds found in CBD blocks pain transmission of the body leading to lesser pain felt. You can take CBD in capsule form or as a topical ointment for your sunburn.

  1. Eczema solution

Everyone who has ever experienced eczema will tell you how annoying and frustrating it is. The inflamed, red, cracked skin is not comfortable and sometimes even sore. Eczema is even more prevalent during the summertime when the temperature is high, and the skin is prone to breakouts.

It’s normally treated with creams and ointments, but here’s another alternative, CBD. As mentioned earlier, CBD is skin-nourishing, anti-inflammatory, hydrates the skin, and lessens pain. So not only is CBD an all-natural product, it addresses all the symptoms of eczema as well.

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